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"Future’s waitingroom"
Illustration by drea3000
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Happy Bunny from Captain Pancakes & Gracie Hagen Photography
Lookout nieces, your second cousin is pretty cute πŸ˜›
Great grandbaby, granddaughter and grandma Kelley :). Happy Easter! 🐰

"but her is never gonna stop" … Allison learned how to take a video today πŸ˜„

One more week! πŸ’œπŸΈπŸ” 😊@c_lynne @_lynnee_

Local Dog Is Unimpressed With Wine Selection
Einar, a 3-year-old French Bulldog who recently moved from Norway to Brooklyn, NY, has so far been unimpressed with the wine selection at local restaurants.
"He heard New York was a foodie town," said friend Kilian Meyer. "He was excited to sample the local fare."
But so far, said Meyer, the dog hasn’t been thrilled by what he’s found. 
"The food has been to his liking, I think," he said, "but the wine pairings have been awful. I mean, yesterday he ordered a can of beef and peas Pedigree and the sommelier paired it with a Riesling. Seriously? Everyone know you need a full-bodied red for that."
Via einarthefrenchie.

When do you know you don’t know?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder page"
REmix by Mrs_Hibou
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